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Apr 15, 2018

  This topic is so powerful in all our lives because at some point we will need a good apology and at some point, we'll need to give one.

  The problem is, when we need one, we don’t always get one, and when we need to give one, we don't always feel like it.

  So how do you know when someone is really sorry?
How do you show someone you're really sorry?
Do you know the signs of a fake apology?

Do you know the signs of a real one?

Does it even matter to know?

  Sometimes, when you need to apologize, and you don't want to, it's because of a trigger. What is a trigger and how do you deal with it?

Did you know that a powerful apology is able to heal a broken relationship? Rebuild trust? Make a life-changing difference not only in your life but in someone else's too?

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