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 Welcome to The Girl Lab Podcast, where we work out our problems together, one issue at a time. Where invisible girls are made visible through the science of discovering the Alpha Girl within. 


  Are you a teen girl struggling with anxiety, fear, FOMO, peer pressure? What about insecurities, loneliness, or peer pressure? Do you hate what you see in the mirror and struggle with your future plans? 


  Never fear, The Girl Lab is here!

Jul 30, 2020

This is our last episode in this four-part series with Karisma Collins, and this episode is full of awesome ways that you can learn to build your platform, so you can launch your Kingdom Purpose!

Jul 23, 2020

Join us, as Karisma Collins and I discuss pivoting and shifting to discover our Kingdom Purpose, and how you can know your purpose too!

Jul 16, 2020

 What does it mean to be a notable woman for the Kingdom of God? 

  ***P.S. As we discuss the awesomeness of the women in Jesus' genealogy, we say there are two women in Jesus' line, but there are 5! Woot! 

 Do the research sisters... this is amazing to understand!


  Jesus calls us from wherever we are and draws us...

Jul 8, 2020

Experiencing the beginnings of her entrepreneur journey at 8 years old and launching her own success at 14, Karisma shares her journey to Hollywood, and the truth behind fame, success and becoming who you were meant to be. She shares her struggles, the ins and outs of rising to success at a young age, and the truth...

Jun 10, 2020

This season is all about helping you connect with us and sharing the testimonies and biblical mentorship that will help you grow into the Kingdom Daughters you were born to be!

 Join us and leave your questions at our Instagram messenger and we will do our best to get them answered!

 You can find our IG...