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 Welcome to The Girl Lab Podcast, where we work out our problems together, one issue at a time. Where invisible girls are made visible through the science of discovering the Alpha Girl within. 


  Are you a teen girl struggling with anxiety, fear, FOMO, peer pressure? What about insecurities, loneliness, or peer pressure? Do you hate what you see in the mirror and struggle with your future plans? 


  Never fear, The Girl Lab is here!

Apr 15, 2018

 Need help with that depression, anxiety, loneliness, or insecurity?

  The number one most powerful hack for all of these is, you guessed it, boundaries.

 In this final episode of the series, we'll discuss how boundaries can help you in another area of relationships, boys, dating, and your health. Yep, those three seem to all go together.

Get your Boy Printable, Risky Dating Printable and Health Printable @

 These Printables will help you establish your boundaries so that you will not be walked on anymore. You'll establish your self-worth and respect, and you'll get it from others, or…. walk.

  After completing this final episode, you're well on your way to becoming an Alpha Girl!

 I'm so excited for you girl!

  Write me and let me know how this series worked for you.

  The changes it brought on your life, relationships, hopes and dreams.

  Let me know what you want to hear about in future episodes, what questions didn't I answer? What are you curious about?

Let me know so I can make it all even better for you!

 And please, send me your prayer requests. I would love to hear what you dream about. What you'll change in the world as you grow into your awesome Alpha Girl Boss self!

  And remember, in an upcoming series we'll be interviewing teen girlpreneurs!

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