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 Welcome to The Girl Lab Podcast, where we work out our problems together, one issue at a time. Where invisible girls are made visible through the science of discovering the Alpha Girl within. 


  Are you a teen girl struggling with anxiety, fear, FOMO, peer pressure? What about insecurities, loneliness, or peer pressure? Do you hate what you see in the mirror and struggle with your future plans? 


  Never fear, The Girl Lab is here!

Apr 15, 2018

  Now before you go and say that the topic of foundations is boring, let me quickly explain.

  When something is created without a foundation, it crumbles at the first sign of stress.

 Sound familiar?

  If this is something you struggle with often, you may have a foundation problem.

  In your teen years there are many things that can hurt, damage or even stunt the growth of your foundation, but in this episode, we'll be discussing 3 of them.

Puberty, drugs and Rock n' Roll.

 The trick to understanding how to lay and protect your foundations is to understand the difference between your prefrontal cortex, and your amygdala.


  I know, but it's actually really worth a listen. I promise. It's definitely something to tell your friends about. 

 This episode might actually be the most empowering episode of them all! Don't miss it!

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  What has been your experience with foundations, do you have strong ones, wish to build stronger ones?

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