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 Welcome to The Girl Lab Podcast, where we work out our problems together, one issue at a time. Where invisible girls are made visible through the science of discovering the Alpha Girl within. 


  Are you a teen girl struggling with anxiety, fear, FOMO, peer pressure? What about insecurities, loneliness, or peer pressure? Do you hate what you see in the mirror and struggle with your future plans? 


  Never fear, The Girl Lab is here!

Apr 15, 2018

 Need help with that depression, anxiety, loneliness, or insecurity?

  The number one most powerful hack for all of these is, you guessed it, boundaries.

 In this final episode of the series, we'll discuss how boundaries can help you in another area of relationships, boys, dating, and your health. Yep, those three seem...

Apr 15, 2018

   This episode is part one of the final two-part ending.

Boundaries are, IMHO, the most important weapon of all, in our arsenal of building a powerful reputation, having a successful life and all with the least amount of stress.

No boundaries equal, bucket loads of anxiety.

Boundaries will help you have less stress...

Apr 15, 2018

  Now before you go and say that the topic of foundations is boring, let me quickly explain.

  When something is created without a foundation, it crumbles at the first sign of stress.

 Sound familiar?

  If this is something you struggle with often, you may have a foundation problem.

  In your teen years there are many...

Apr 15, 2018

 How in the world can rejection and failure equal happiness and success?

  When you take the power out of failure and rejection, by recognizing a couple powerful hacks, they will work for your benefit, instead of against you...

  And learning how to be the rejecter can change your life, because you will have to take...

Apr 15, 2018

  This topic is so powerful in all our lives because at some point we will need a good apology and at some point, we'll need to give one.

  The problem is, when we need one, we don’t always get one, and when we need to give one, we don't always feel like it.

  So how do you know when someone is really sorry?
How do...